What's in a link? Part II

by Helene Louise  

Last October, I wrote about how privileged I felt about having my book included on the publications page of the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke (IAPS)

I feel equally privileged and grateful to now also have my book included on the list of books recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Stroke Support Association (CPSSA). When my daughter was diagnosed over a decade ago, I couldn't find any relevant resources and the experience was tremendously isolating. Just like IAPS, however, the CPSSA is an extraordinary initiative which has been developed since then, to facilitate and support collaboration between families and physicians and, it serves as an important resource for families who have been affected by a pediatric stroke.

With it's vision to provide a compassionate community for Canadian families impacted by pediatric stroke—which is indeed a beautiful and compelling vision, applicable to families facing all kinds of challenges—I encourage you to visit the CPSSA website at www.cpssa.org.

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